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Simple and user friendly

Our equipment is intended for all users, meaning it can be used by people who have never paddled before! Our kayaks are all open cockpits and flat bottom. In the rare event a kayak overturns the kayak is designed for the paddler to fall out. 



How to get into a kayak

To get into a kayak simply place the kayak 2 thirds beyond the water line then sit in and push yourself out and enjoy your paddle


How to paddle board

Using a paddleboard can be daunting. But it is fun, relaxing, and great physical activity. Our paddle boards are very stable and in the event, you fall in water it will likely be in a shadow and warm area.

Screenshot 2023-01-29 at 11.39.51 AM.png


Kayaking into waves

When waves are present it is important to paddle directly into the wave. If you hit the wave side on you risk flipping the kayak. 


Using a paddle board as a sit on top kayak

Some people new to paddling use paddle boards as a sit-ontop kayak. They do this by using a paddle board with a kayak paddle while kneeling or sitting. The boards are easier to maneuver and more stable. If the board was to flip you would fall off. 

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