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Kayak and Paddle Board Rentals at Melmerby Beach

Warmest ocean temperatures north of the Carolinas

Melmerby Adventures

Equipment rentals

Melmerby Adventures has a variety of water sports equipment. If you are interested in paddle boards, sit-in kayaks, a pedal boat or sailing we have you covered. All of our equipment is lightweight, easy to manoeuver and usable by most skill levels and ages.  


We are nestled in the inner bay of Melmerby, at 6280 Little Harbour Road, Kings Head, Nova Scotia, in the first parking lot at Melmerby Beach Provincial Park, just look for our blue mobile shop. 

In the bay, you will see our signature inflatable swans and an abundance of wildlife.


Why paddle with us

We boast the warmest waters in Canada. Leave your wetsuit behind! We offer flexible, affordable and family-friendly options for fun in the sun. The inner bay at Melmerby is calm and shallow, making it a safe destination for water sports and adventure. 

Our rates

We believe everyone should experience Melmerby Adventures, this is reflected in our rates

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"I'm a Canadian Yachting certified sailor and I can't think of a better place to show folks how to sail. The water is warm, the wind is just perfect and most of all, the sheltered bay is safe"


"The best way to fully 
experience the Merb"

Contact Us

Site: Melmerby Beach Provincial Park

call or text: 902-754-1553

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